6 steps to leave your job on great terms
Leaving your job shapes your image and your reputation, so it is important to leave peacefully – we share 6 steps to leave your job on great terms:
Akvile Kazliene on the post-crisis job market: what skills are needed to make money
With loosening quarantine restrictions life is returning to its old tracks, however, social and economic impacts of the crisis will be felt for a long time to come. The job market was one of the most affected by the pandemic. Thousands of employees are forced to worry about their future. On the...
Advices for those who want to change their career path: it is not as difficult, as it looks
The career path is not a straight line that constantly goes up. It is a horizontal movement through different areas and professions. Even though one faces a lot of changes throughout this journey, many do not know where and how to start the retraining process. Experts exclude six steps which can...
Business Continuity: COVID-19
Due to COVID-19 pandemic and the announcement of quarantine by the Government of the Republic of Lithuania, we would like to share some information regarding Simplika working methods and update you on how working processes are managed. In order to stay safe and keep all the members of our...
Because of coronavirus Simplika works remotely
Taking into account the recommendations of the Vilnius City Municipality to guard against coronavirus infections, "Simplika" Recruitment Consultants will be working remotely from 13 March 2020. All work and projects are in normal mode.
Labor Market Realities That Can't Be Ignored: A Way to Save One's Job
Robots, AI and advanced automatization create more competition for specialists in the labor market than their more qualified or more experienced colleagues. What used to sound like a script for a sci-fi film, now has become the reality of the labor market that cannot be ignored, neither by...
Your request or CV have not been received during the period 11.12.2019 - 24.01.2018
We are writing to let you know that due to technical issues at, your inquiries and CV have not been received between 11.12.2019 and 24.01.2020. We assure you that the information you have sent has not reached any recipient. Please contact us by e-mail or...
Career Change Management: retraining.
This is our 5th customer event organized together with CVO Recruitment Lietuva. This year we talked about managing career change and the need for retraining, the challenges that organizations and workers face in the process, and the future prospects of the labour market. A big thank for...
Simplika and CVO Recruitment Lithuania are proud to invite our clients to annual customer event for the 4th time.
Simplika and CVO Recruitment invited our customers to the 3rd annual event. The main topic we were discussing about is Changes in today's organizations to ensure the success of tomorrow.
The Lithuanian labour legislation is on the brink of a new stage of its history. On 14 September 2016 the Lithuanian Parliament adopted a new Labour Code, which will come into force on 1 January 2017.