Our core values

Simplika‘s team is guided by four most important values: communication, cooperation, trust and willingness to know. We follow these values every day, when interacting with colleagues, clients, candidates and temporary employees.

Every day we seek that communication would be smooth, effective and quick. We believe that there is no such thing as common sense and when communicating, we are open to all new information and we try to convey others understandably, specifically and on time.

Cooperation consists of team work, professional and supportive colleagues who seek the best results. Cooperation with our clients and candidates is especially important to us. We believe that when we help each other, we can operate quicker, achieve more and successfully deal with the challenges.


Trust means believe in yourself and in others. It combines our work ethics, that if you have asked for help, you can totally trust your colleague and relax that the task will be completed.

Willingness to learn
Our every member’s DNA consists of enormous curiosity and desire to improve. We are delighted that we can enable our values every day. We are interested in changes in job market, business and in the whole world. We use our acquirements here and now.
Latest news
Your request or CV have not been received during the period 11.12.2019 - 24.01.2018
We are writing to let you know that due to technical issues at www.simplika.lt, your inquiries and CV have not been received between 11.12.2019 and 24.01.2020. We assure you that the information you have sent has not reached any recipient. Please contact us by e-mail darbas@simplika.lt or...
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